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P.E. News/Remote Field Day

Reported by on 5/11/20

Hello Spring Brook Families! I sure miss you all and I hope you all are happy and healthy! I have 2 big items to share with you:

We had such a great year with Kids Heart Challenge - our numbers hit $30,000 over the past month - I believe a matching gift pushed us over the edge! Thank you for all that participated and helped raise money to help fight heart disease. Also, I could never have done this large event without the help of the PTA. I appreciate the many parents who volunteered to help on Valentines Day. It always is a happy day filled with laughter and lots of great, heart pumping exercise! A final thank you and BIG virtual hug to Mayda Winiarski and Linda Teets - their last child will be "graduating" from Spring Brook this year! These 2 ladies have shown so much dedication and energy over the years and I can't thank them enough! The additional prizes are delayed and will not be delivered until school opens. Your child WILL receive their earned prizes at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. I will have more info to you after school resumes, the prizes are shipped and I have created a schedule for dispersing prizes. Thank you for your patience.

A virtual FIELD DAY is coming your way soon! On Monday, May 18th students/families will have the opportunity to participate in 10 stations at your home! Field Day will serve as your child’s remote learning for the day. Dr. Hoyle Ross and I have worked hard to make this interactive and fun for all to take part! A field day LINK will be sent to you next week. If you would like, please send pictures of your family participating to Prior to the 18th, if you want to gather the following equipment at your house to use for field day... Here is what you'll need:

2 cones (Alternate equip ideas: 2 flower pots, 2 chairs or 2 cans of food!)
Cookies (or crackers will work)
2 spoons
2 eggs
Soccer Ball or any round ball
2 half drank water bottles with lids
water balloons
a book for reading pleasure
2 small sponges
2 measuring cups
a bucket filled with cold water
a tennis racket (Alternate equip ideas: any racket, or a plastic serving tray or cutting board)
2 tennis balls (Alternate equip: any small ball or roll up 2 socks to make a ball)
an empty laundry basket
1 beach ball or any round ball
As always, Thank you for your support! Stay active and healthy and keep drinking that water!

Any questions or comments, please contact me at

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